Can I Play Casino Online for Real Money?

If you are more used to the traditional forms of gambling, whether it’s attending a land-based casino or picking up your sports bets from a high street bookie, then you might be considering a more conventional way of playing going forward. Here we discuss playing online for real money payouts.

Getting the Right Place to Play from the Start

To commence your foray into the world of online gambling, this site has compiled a list providing the ten best online sites to join, all of which, meet the online gambling laws here in South Africa.

With these online casinos, you are able to play licensed and regulated games online that have been tried and tested, all meeting the approval of the online regulators who test the sites and games independently.

By having these platforms ready for you to join, you will better your chances of winning online money that you can cash out in ZAR currency. Because these are approved SA casinos, you will have winnings in ZAR currency, the games are tested meaning you can win more frequently and because they are all certified by independent regulators, you will have the best standards possible that allows for more quality gaming experience.

Playing for Real Cash Payouts in ZAR Currency

Playing online for money can be done from any device you have, as long as there is a connection to the Internet. Currently, mobile gaming outperforms desktop play by more than 30%. The convenience of playing online has made gambling more popular than it ever has been. With the best online casinos, you are able to access thousands of online games, all containing jackpots that must be won. There are options to play hundreds of online slot machines. You have access to the famous progressive jackpot machines to win life-changing sums. Players can immerse themselves with live casino games which are hosted by real-time dealers. There is also the opportunity to win more cash from the sport betting features which these casinos support.

In supporting the real money, you can win online, casinos also provide great banking facilities which will help protect your payments both into the casino via deposits and with withdrawals. Players can use a variety of services to handle their payments from credit cards to prepayment vouchers.

How Will You Win Your Fortune?

Given there are so many great opportunities online, how do you plan to win your fortunes?

With online casinos, there are some games that are more easier to win than others. So, here is some advice on what games to opt for, if you are unsure which is the best route to take when you sign to your new online casino.

✅ For the best card game, baccarat offers an easy option to win, given players can bet for or against themselves, with the tie option also available. The house average is only 1.46% higher than the players.

✅ When it comes to table games, roulette is the only option to consider. Roulette provides an abundance of ways to gamble and with 5050 options on colour and odds and evens, players have a greater chance to beat the house.

✅ When it comes to slots. The best option is to focus on games within the menu that are new or most popular. Because of how the games are programmed, the more money put in, the more likely they are to payout frequently.

Focus on these area’s and you should do very well, plus, if you know your sports, then online betting on your favourite sporting games should be easy enough to land fortune in this section of the online casino.